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SCENES out now

The first formal group release encompasses, both stylistically and  lyrically, the damn near half a decade spent accruing its catalog.  Ranging from "run that line back" verses for the at home listeners to  the "get up and get down" high energy bangers that have become  synonymous with the live performance, Scenes is the precipice where  goal-driven hard work and hardship-driven self sabotage meet. 

Artwork by Hunter Esmon


Side Quest

The expansion pack for Adventures in Time is here. Continue the journey.


"Blossom" Music Video

New video for KS Joel's "Blossom", from his release Baby Steps. Produced by Plot Device. Filmed & edited by Sean Moore. Animation by Hunter Esmon.

Baby Steps

Crescent City Connection

Adventures in Time


KS Joel's debut solo project is now available. Check out the interview highlighting his track "Good" in OffBeat Magazine.

Adventures in Time

Crescent City Connection

Adventures in Time


The journey is yours, this is the soundtrack. Epic instrumental release by Plot Device. 

Crescent City Connection

Crescent City Connection

Crescent City Connection


Bon Mot's feature on the newest release by E.T. Deaux, "H.O.M.E". Produced by E.T. & also featuring Sleazy EZ

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